hi, i'm Juliana Cuevas

Hailing from the Inland Empire, CA, Juliana Cuevas is a Mexican American Artist whose creative endeavors have led them to explore a variety of mediums, including photography, creative writing, and music. However, acting and filmmaking have become their true passion, thanks in part to their theatre department in secondary school, which granted them a welcoming community and an empowering sense of identity as a second-generation American. 

Juliana's love for live performance and storytelling only grew from there, and in 2018, they were honored as a Theater Finalist by the National YoungArts Foundation, later earning a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts nomination from the program. Afterward, they briefly trained at New York University. 

Since then, they have appeared in a variety of commercials and indie short films, and they are committed to advancing the diversity that the entertainment industry is working towards.

Juliana is passionate about creating content that speaks to the nonbinary and LGBTQIA+ communities from immigrant families, intending to explore, heal, and find a sense of place within the cosmos. 

Their current focus is on developing their voice and craft as an actor/filmmaker, with a keen interest in telling stories that are authentic and meaningful, and propel the art form forward. They are eager to collaborate with other artists and push for greater representation and diversity in the business.